Dragonfly Offices

Project Data:

Location: San Mateo, California
Area: 390 sqm
Lot: 17,203 sqm
Client: Dragonfly Investments Group
Construction: 2016
Type: Interior Design, Office Space


Project Text:

Interior design for a group of real estate investment companies in the bay area. The design allows for flexibility and growth in an open space environment with several private booths and meeting rooms. The design uses the company colors of white red and grey in combination with construction materials: exposed concrete floors and exposed OSB. The linear lighting fixtures add dynamics to the space. The exposed ceiling was sprayed with acoustical treatment and painted black to make electromechanical systems “disappear” and to emphasize the effect of the linear lighting fixtures.

The exposed OSB, typically used as building material rather than as a finish material, with holes filled with red and grey fabric add playfulness to the space. The carpet and upholstered sofas and chairs in the lounges and meeting rooms create a cozier atmosphere as does the use of Carbon Filament Bulbs. Being a leader in smart homes technologies, the offices also include a lab area where smart home devices can be tested. Desks and shelving unis use IKEA furniture with adaptation to the site specific situation, including “hacking” IKEA table legs with custom made frames to create bench tables, and connecting library units on top of each other to create floor to ceiling shelving units.


Project Team:

Architecture team: Tammy Yaniv Architecture (Tammy Yaniv, Dana Raichel, Vered Gur) & Arch. Amos Ben Porat
Contractor: AKD construction