DSW Dining Hall

Project data

Area: ~1600 sqm rennovates spcae + ~280 sqm expansion

Type: intervention in an existing building, factory, expansion.

Project text

The Dead Sea Works Dining-Hall was built in the middle of the 20′th century. The building reflects the periodic architectural style, including the use of exposed pebbles stones in the external walls, and the integration of the dominant mosaic works, created by the artist Lev Sirkin, in the inner spaces (these were declared by UNESCO as artwork for preservation).
The project includes the renovation of the existing building, with several emphases: to differentiate between the roofs in order to create coherent hierarchy between the diverse buildings; to create visual landmark in the entrance pavilion; to improve the accessibility of the building, and most of all to emphasize the mosaic works’ appearance in the inner space. To do so, a new skylight was designed and the existing columns and niches were cleared. The space is to be expanded to the north, and all food service units are to be cleared to this expansion area, leaving the space between the mosaic walls clear and uninterrupted.


Project team

Architecture: Tammy Yaniv Architecture + Arch. Ruth Rotenstreich + Arch. Ayelet Yam Shahor

Project manager: Masad Oz – Ran Shachar
Structure: Yaron Ofir Engineers
Mechanical: Lousqui
Electrical: Yani
Sanitary: Michael Helman
Kitchen Designer: Nachshon
Accessibility Consultant: Nagish LaKol