Factory – Kiryat Gat

Project Data

Area: 2,850 sqm (480sqm offices, 2370 sqm factory)

Lot: 5,480 sqm

Client: Private Company

Construction: Completed 2016

Budget: ~2M$

Type: industrial Building.

Project Text

The project is designed as three boxes:

The bottom box – designed as a solid concrete structure allowing safe circulation of vehicles around it without the risk of damaging the building facade.

The offices – the front box, and the entrance façade – designed as a separate unit, with large floor to ceiling windows, to maximize penetration of indirect daylight, exterior shading devices to prevent penetration of direct eastern sunlight, and a light shelf to reflect light to the ceiling and increase natural daylight levels in the offices.

The floating box – a light structure with insulated metal panels creating a random pattern. The box includes windows on the north western and south eastern facades to allow penetration of the summer winds through the building, and upper windows to allow the release of heat through the factory (with is naturally conditioned without the use of air-conditioning systems).

The challenge in this building was creating an attractive low budget building.

Project Team

Architecture Team: Tammy Yaniv, Yiftach Freidman

Project Manager: Gershon Fiterman

Structure: Gershon Fiterman

Mechanical: Visoker-Stern – Amir Stern

Electrical: Itzkowitch

Sanitary: A.H. Engineers – Vadim Hinchuck

Fire Safety Consultant: Yaniv Yankovich

Environmental Consultant: Hazmat

Parking & Roads: Dagesh – Dan Fucs