Israel Museum

Project Data

Area: 13,000 sqm new, 11,000 sqm renovated

Lot: 130,000 sqm

Client: Israel Museum, Jerusalem

Construction: 2006-2010

Budget: ~100M$

Type: Executive Architecture (Lead Architects: James Carpenter Design Associates + Efrat Kowalsky Architects) Public Building, new + intervention in an existing building, including zoning plan.

Project Text

The renewal of the Israel Museum Campus included the renovation and rearrangement of all the museum exhibition spaces, as well as a series of new buildings.

The main intent of the project was to create a new ceremonial entrance to the museum (a masterpiece of modern architecture designed in the 60’s by Al Mansfeld & Dora Gad) , making it more accessible to the general public. The new architecture vocabulary is designed to resonate and correspond with the existing museum architecture and obeys to its architectural grid.

The new buildings include a new complex at the museum entrance – a ticketing pavilion, Museum shop, and museum restaurants, the rout of passage – a below-grade structure dug underneath the existing ceremonial stairs leading up to the old museum entrance, a new pavilion connecting the museum levels, and several new exhibition & office spaces.

Rearrangement of the existing museum focused on creating coherent circulation and rearranging the wings and exhibitions in a clear structure.

As partner in charge at A.Lerman, Tammy Yaniv was in charge of the execution of the entire project, including tenders, permits, zoning plan, and supervision.

Project Team

Lead Architects for new buildings: James Carpenter Design Associates – Reid Freeman

Lead Architects for the renewed buildings: Efrat Kowalsky Architects – Meira Kowalsky, Carmit Harnick.

Executive Architects: A.Lerman Architects – Partner in charge Tammy Yaniv, Adi Avital, Maya Paran, Hila Sela, Shlomit Yaish, Hila Ambar, Nimrod Shenkelbach.

Architecture of the existing museum: Al Mansfeld + Dora Gad

Chief Exhibition Designer: Studio DeLange

Project Manager: Nizan Inbar – Micha Nitan, Ami Hayut, Omri Inbar, Amir Amsalem, Guy Gev

Structure: J.Cohen Engineers – Yitzhak Kahan

Mechanical: Visoker-Stern – Amir Stern

Electrical: Itkin Blum – Eitan Basis, Moshe Vaknin

Sanitary: Sanit Engineers – Amir Gloter

Lighting: Tillotson Design, RTLD – Hila Mayer

Landscape Architect: KSM – Bruce Levin

Kitchen Designer: Baz Associates – Suzy Baz

Accessibility Consultant: Dani Prigat

Elevators: Lustig

Waterproofing: Bitelman

Superposition: A.Lerman Architects – Tammy Yaniv partner in charge

Fire Safety Consultant: Idan Safety – Shmuel Nathaniel, Efi Sher

Signage & Graphics: Kasher Visual Communications – Niv Kasher, Tamar Gil


General Contractor: Danya Cebus

Finishes Contractors: Rom Geves

Curtain Wall: Alumayer

Precasts: Ackerstein