Mandel Building, HUJI

Project Data

Area: 4,500 sqm
Client: The Hebrew University, Jerusalem
Construction: 2012-2014
Budget: 18M$
Type: Executive Architecture (Lead architects: Kallmann McKinnel & Wood Architects) Public Building, Academic, Including new zoning plan.

Project Text

The building, donated to the Hebrew University, Jerusalem by the Mandel Foundation, includes about 4,500 square meters of office space, computer rooms, auditoriums, lecture halls and seminar rooms. The building entrance is through a bridge for the botanical gardens of the Mount Scopus Campus of the Hebrew University to the top level of the building. The top floor is designed as a transparent pavilion on top of the stone cladded building.

The project is expected to certify for LEED Gold

Project Team

Lead Architects: Kallmann McKinnell & Wood Architects

Executive Architects: A.Lerman Architects (Arch. Tammy Yaniv, Adi Avital)

Project Manager: Avi Cohen
Structure: J.Cohen Engineers – Yitzhak Kahan
Mechanical: HRVAC – Eitan Harel
Electrical: Eitan Basis Electrical Engineering
Sanitary: Yosha Amnon Engineering and Consultants Ltd.
Lighting: RTLD – Hila Mayer
Landscape Architect: Yael Moriah – David Skaly Landscape Architects Ltd
Elevators: Lustig
Waterproofing: Jean Berkovitz Consulting Engineers
Superposition: A.Lerman Architects
Fire Safety Consultant: Yafit Safety and Occupational Hygiene

Roads: Elbocher Moshe Engineering Services: Road and Trafic

Environmental Consultant: Yakir Landan, AES Advanced Technologies