Menora Campus


Renderings: Efrat Kowalsky Architects

Project Data:

Location: Jerusalem
Client: Eden Jerusalem Development Company through Efrat Kowalsky Architects
Area: 10,000sqm. + 15,000sqm underground
Year: 2016-
Status: Under construction

Project Text:

We were proud to be invited by EKA to join the project team and collaborate with them, working as executive architects of the Jerusalem Arts Campus Project.

The project comprises of three structures and a common exterior space on top of a 5-level underground parking structure. Situated in the city center, the campus will house four major performing arts and visual arts schools: The Sam Spiegel Film and Television School, The Nissan Native Acting Studio, The School of Visual Theater and The Center for Middle Eastern Music.


Project Team:

Lead Architects : Efrat-Kowalsky Architects
Executive Architects: Tammy Yaniv Architecture (Sharon Gustavson, Yael Dagan, Vered Gur)
Project Manager: Amgar (Yoni Goldstein)
Structural Engineer: Joe and Itzhak Kahan Engineers
Electricity & Communications: Eran Blum Engineers
Sanitary Engineer: Sanit Engineers
Air Conditioning Engineer; Avner Vishkin Engineers
Elevators: ESL
Landscape Architecture: Matanya Sack, Uri Reicher, and co.
Stages: Uri Ofer
Radiation: Oen Hertel
Super-position: Ziggurat
Foundations: Mike Doctopsky
Securit: SPS
Aluminum: Demofacade
Lighting: Amir Brener
Waterproofing: Eyal Rachmani
Safety: Lavetach Engineeting
Accessibility: G-A-S
Acoustics: Dynamic Design Ltd.
Shelter: Israteam
Quantities: Meir Greenberg