Mizrahi – Hashmonaim

Project data

Area: ~7530 sqm renovated space + up to 1815 sqm expansion

Lot: ~1500 sqm

Type: intervention in an existing building, expansion, Reinforcement based on national plan 38.

Stage: after concept approval

Project text

Renovation and expansion of an existing building. The existing building represents characteristics of the Israeli architecture in the middle of the 20th century, a period known for large scale construction. The building is characteristic of the architectural style of this era, which include the intensive cubic building mass, the emphasized horizontal division, and the repetitive design of the elevations.
The proposed design includes three alternatives of building additions, according to urban building scheme no. 360, and national outline plan no. 38. The alternatives vary in the analysis of the amount of the building rights & the scale of the construction, all three alternatives designed in contemporary style, while referring constantly to the original building style.


Project team

Architecture: Tammy Yaniv Architecture + Sharon Neuman Architects

Project manager: Sefi Lapin