Mizrahi – Petah Tikwa

Project data

Area: ~860 sqm renovated space + ~1000 sqm expansion

Lot: 989 sqm

Type: intervention in an existing building, expansion, Reinforcement based on national plan 38.

Stage: after concept approval

Project text

Renovation & expansion of an existing building. Along the years additions and changes were made to the building. The result was visual noise which damaged the building’s appearance and functionality. The project aims to re-establish the building design in a contemporary style; to emphasize the distinction between main areas and service areas and to expand the built area according to national outline plan no. 38.
The new design includes re-organization of the existing spaces; replacement of the existing curtain wall, new construction of the building envelope, an additional floor, replacement of the existing stairs and elevations and additions according to national outline plan no. 38.


Project team

Architecture: Tammy Yaniv Architecture + Sharon Neuman Architects

Project manager: Sefi Lapin