Nokia Arena (When at Lerman Architects & Town Planners)

Project Data

Area: 24,000 sqm

Lot: 16,916 sqm

Client: Sports Palaces Inc. (city-owned company)

Construction: 2001-2007

Budget: ~24M$

Type: Public Building, Intervention in an existing building, Including new zoning plan.

Project Text

Built in two stages – in the early sixties as a single stand stadium and in the late sixties as a double stand covered arena, the Josef Burstein Arena – known commonly as “Yad Eliahu” (the neighborhood within which it lied) was the biggest arena in Isreal, recognized with its successful home team “Maccabi Tel-Aviv”. The building was a fine example of brutalism architecture, built entirely of concrete, but was also completely opaque, detached and with no relationship to its surroundings. The public spaces in the building were insufficient, and the building could not allow maximization of profits during the games.

The new design of the building reclaimed different areas of the building as public spaces, clearing most services spaces into basements below the arena and its surrounding court, and adding additional space through a new curtail wall enclosure. The public circulation of the building became a spectacle – activating the surrounding court, as circulation was transferred from within the arena to a surrounding mezzanine, exposed to the large court within which the building lies.

Project Team

Architecture: Lerman Architects & Town Planners – Asaf Lerman, Tammy Yaniv, Lev Konikov, Shlomit Yaish

Architecture of the old arena: Tel-Aviv Engineering Department + Milstein Zinger Engineers

Project Manager: Nizan Inbar – Uri Inbar, Ami Hayut, Avishi Nachtstern, Oren Shperling

Structure: Ben Abraham – Rami Balas, Ezer Ben Basat

Mechanical: A.Aharoni Engineers – Rafi Aharoni

Electrical: Einav Chubotero

Sanitary: Papish Engineers

Lighting: Topaz

Landscape Architect: Gideon Sarig

Kitchen Designer: Baz Associates – Suzy Baz

Accessibility Consultant: Mikkiro – Michael Roitman

Elevators: Stephan Holtz

Waterproofing: Michael Maraton

Superposition: Mickey Bodowski

Fire Safety Consultant: Idan Safety – Shmuel Nathaniel

Signage: Archigraphia + Reuven Rom

Graphics: KN studio


General Contractor: Shitufit

Upper Tier Contractor: Brand Industries

Arena Basement Contractor: Lavi

Finishes Contractors: Rom Geves

Curtain Wall: Alumayer