Ofek 16

Project Data:

Area: 6,750 sqm built, 9,000 sqm lot

Client: The Caesarea Edmond Benjamin de Rothschild Assets Corp LTD

Status : Short-list Competition Entry

Type: New Building, commercial building, landscape architecture.

Project Text:

A Proposal for an office building, located in the northern part of the Caesarea Industrial Park near the Railway station, as part of a short-list competition entry. The site is adjacent to 2 main roads and is composed of three combined lots, creating narrow proportions. The building is situated in the center of the site with the long facades to the north and the south, for best sunlight conditions. The layout of the mass allows for a large green open area to the north-east near the main entrance towards the access roads, and on-site parking to the south-west near the secondary entrance. The large main lobby on the ground floor opens up to both sides of the site, allowing direct and clear sight lines through the building, either walking through the park towards the main entrance or when entering from the parking lot looking at the park through the lobby, thus creating equal hierarchy to cisitors arriving from both directions.

The unique silhouette of the building is due to the different height of its two wings – one is 2 stories high and the other three. The two wings of the building share a common interior atrium that goes all the way to the rooftop terrace enabling natural daylight and ventilation to the public areas all the way to the ground floor. The terrace itself is an additional quality exterior space accessible to office workers and visitors for relaxation, gathering or events.

The narrow plan allows for quality office space, with maximum flexibility for division and natural light on all sides. The facades are stone-clad with varying module vertical windows, creating a dynamic but economical system and good thermal insulation. The main park has various trees to create a shaded and pleasant exterior space, in combination with paved areas and extensive planting, with the large ecological water feature as a main focus.

Project Team:

Architects: Tammy Yaniv Architecture with Neuman Hayner Architects.