SAP interior design

Project Data

area: ~16,500 sqm

client: SAP

status: Shortlist competition, 2nd place

type: interior design, office building
dates: 2013

Project text

Packing solutions (such as a box of chocolate, ‘Bento’ lunch box and tool boxes), served as a source of inspiration for our design. The design offers an efficient working environment, in clean, pleasant agile working areas.

The work stations are totally flexible and can be placed in the space in endless combinations. The design included development of unique elements: boards on a flexible grid, fixed to the ceiling; acoustic boards that can be attached by each worker to the tailor made desks to create a visual & acoustic mini-space within the open space. Sofas, slides, and swings add the “fun” factor into the space and allow for less standard inspirational conditions.
The “Tool Boxes” compactly pack within them meeting rooms, kitchenettes, telephone boxes etc,, allowing for the passages to be part of the open space, increasing the sense of space. They also serve to define a physical-acoustic division between different working areas, reducing the need for walls.
The “Launch Boxes”, located in the cafeteria, are used for serving meals& for self service. These units can be rolled-up using motorized wheels, creating diverse divisions of the space. They can also be towed away and packed along the wall to allow additional use of the cafeteria as a lecture room or conference hall.
The “Magic Box” is a hosting area, which was specified for meetings with important clients. This space is designed with elegance, and includes “surprises” such as over-scaled “executive games” such as an automated Zen garden controlled by a robot, 3d chess game, an oversized nail wall. Flexible siting areas are separated by ‘Molo™’ partitions.

Project team

Interior Desgin: Tammy Yaniv Architecture & Sharon Neuman Architects

Project Manager:  Nizan Inbar – Ido Inbar